2018年8月8日(水) 10時から情報学環メディアスタジオで東京大学大学院情報学環ヒューマンオーグメンテーション学(ソニー寄附講座)味八木崇特任准教授による,ヒューマンオーグメンテーション学ワークショップ#1「人格・パーソナリティの拡張」が開催されました.




東京大学大学院情報学環 客員准教授 石黒祥生


The University of Tokyo Sony endowed chair in “Human Augmentation Studies” held its first workshop on the theme of “Enhanced Personality” with Project Associate Professor Takashi Miyaki at the iii Media Studio on August 8th.

This workshop focused on the transformation of communication through avatars (vTubers) as a personality enhancement. It was held with the aim of exploring the possibility of these image processing (AR / VR) technologies as a component of human augmentation technology.

Twelve people already engaged in research or work on the avatar (vTuber) business participated in the workshop. First of all, a summary explanation of the workshop was given, and each participant was introduced. They then each introduced their own research, technology, or service using vTubers, and there was an active exchange of opinions and many questions were raised.

In the afternoon, participants had practical experience of the contents, such as superimposing virtual characters on live-action images in real time using the equipment of the media studio, moving characters using motion capture devices, and interacting with characters. This experience gave rise to further questions and much discussion.

While it was a short workshop, it provided us with an opportunity to exchange and communicate through avatars and discuss them.

Text: Yoshio Ishiguro (Visiting associate professor)
Proofreading: David Buist (Project senior specialist)