Summer School 2018 「ヒューマンオーグメンテーション特論」開催報告


今回のサマースクール受講者には、「ヒューマンオーグメンテーションを実現するプロトタイピングと発表」という課題が与えられ、Human-Computer Interaction(HCI)に関する講義の受講を通してチームでこの課題に取り組みました。


三週目の講義では、ヒューマンオーグメンテーションを実現するプロトタイピングに使用可能なセンサーや機材等を紹介しました。特に、ソニー様より1000fpsで対象物の検出と追跡を行う高速カメラや、スマートセンシングプロセッサ搭載ボードのSPRESENSEを提供していただきました。四週目の講義では、電通大学の梶本 裕之教授から触覚の基礎技術・触覚ディスプレイ・VR応用の勘所という内容の講義が行われました。



The University of Tokyo and  Sony Corporation endowed chair in “Human Augmentation Studies” held 6 weeks summer school for students from September 25th to October 30th.

The goal of this workshop is to make a prototype that archives Human Augmentation. The participants made teams and tackled this subject together.

On the first day of the summer school, we did an orientation such as a schedule explanation of this lecture and a tour to explain the facilities of the laboratory which can be used for prototyping. In addition, the students did team building to make groups of 4-6 people. In the lecture of the second week, Professor Jun Rekimoto gave a lecture on the foundation of Human-Computer Interaction(HCI).

In the lecture of the third week, we introduced sensors and equipment that can be used for prototyping of human augmentation. Especially, Sony provided a high-speed camera that detects and tracks objects at 1000 fps and SPRESENSE; a board with a smart sensing processor. In the lecture of the fourth week, Professor Hiroyuki Kajimoto from Dentsu University gave a lecture on the fundamental technology of tactile sense, the tactile display, and VR research.

After the working day for prototyping in the fifth week, on the last day, at the Daiwa House Ishibashi Nobuo Memorial Hall,  all groups had a presentation about their prototype and demonstrations. In the presentation, “a system that improves the video game skills by using the gaze of a person who is good at gaming”, “a system that prevents awakening by giving an illusion like a hypnagogic jerk when falling asleep” and  ” a system to improve the darts skill using motion capture system ” were demonstrated. After the presentations,  a demonstration experience session was held, in which there were active discussion and sharing of experience.

Text and Photo: Takumi Takahashi (Visiting Researcher) / Akira Matsuda (PhD Student)